Did your first date go well? Signs to observe

The first date is a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. Are you sure your first date went well? How was it? Is it fun? Did she/ he call back? Don’t wait to hear back from them, just read the hidden signs and analyze them.

Smooth conversation

The conversation is key to any relationship. If the conversation on your first date goes smoothly and both of you are eager to talk then it is a good sign. You share a lot of movement to ask about the person and have fun and laughing moments instead of having awkward silences. You both share a good rapport. https://hot.ch/ is a place to find a perfect match with whom you can talk comfortably.

Eye contact

They say eyes say what lips can’t. If your date is looking directly at you and you have a non-verbal conversation with your eyes then it is a really good sign. You both feel an instant connection just by looking at each other and your eyes are locked as if some good thing is going on. The proper eye contact is a moment of heat and playful sparkle which shows a good connection.

No awkward pauses and no looking at the time

When you are a person whom you like, time passes like a wind. When you go on a day to set a particular time like one or two hours but with that person, you spend more than expected time and you both are laughing while having a good time it is really a good sign. If there are no awkward pauses, just the mood and flowing conversation is a sign of a good date. It shows that both of you are open and eager to know each other.

Matched a vibe

It’s like a click. Maybe there is an awkward silence in the first few moments but as time passes you both match vibes because of similar interests. Maybe there is some mysterious park you both feel when you meet. It doesn’t matter even if it’s an instant connection, it took time, all that mattered is vibes.

Good body language

A non-verbal conversation speaks a lot about another person and your chemistry instead of conversation. If they are interested in you they will lean close to you, try to sit closer to you, have a conversation looking into your eyes, and maybe have a small flirty game; they are signs of good chemistry. When you hang out with a person you like you will avoid this reaction like phones. If you are so interested in your date you will be grossed out in the conversation and anything that fails to distract you is a sign that your date went well.


All you need to do is put your effort into your first date if you like the other person and observe the science that interests you. Make sure to engross them in a good conversation and feel comfortable getting brownie points. Most Importantly be yourself.