Trans escorts in Germany – girls with a mystery

A woman with charm, style, and seductive looks who is still hiding a little or a big secret? A trans escort is a real asset who can fulfill your desires in many ways. Today transen escort in Munich are popular. These lighter girls know exactly what they want and how to give pleasure. Who doesn’t love a date with a surprise? Meetings with trannies are a real adventure in sex life.

How is sex with a trans whore different from sex with regular whores?

Why book transsexuals instead of regular prostitutes? The question that heterosexual clients, who have not yet had sexual experiences with transsexuals, are indeed the first to ask.

Nevertheless, the answer is obvious: the providers in this field offer opportunities that regular hookers do not have.

Most trans sluts think of themselves as women, they look feminine, but they also have an attachment in the form of a penis.

Because of this little addition you won’t find in “normal” whores, sex with a transsexual prostitute is a whole new experience. An unusual experiment that should interest heterosexual men.

What does a transsexual whore offer?

In addition to the sexual services that regular hookers offer, most trannies have another benefit in their portfolio: anal sex with them in an active role. For all the male groomsmen, this is an invitation to an extraordinary experience. Because they probably only know anal sex in the form in which they actively participate themselves. But being anal pampered is unknown to them, so it’s a delightful experience that only a transsexual slut can bring to life.

In addition, transsexual escorts allow heterosexual men to perform oral sex in reverse roles. 

What’s the easiest way to find trans sluts?

There are two ways to find transgender sluts, chaperones, or hostesses online:

  • On the one hand, there are particular pages for prostitutes. As with unique fetish portals, there is a clearly defined target group: all those who crave an exciting adventure with paid sex with a ladyboy.
  • The second option is the general portals of ads for sex with whores, among many other categories, also have one for sex with transsexuals.

There is also a traditional way to find a transsexual slut – offline in a brothel.

It is essential to find out beforehand whether transsexuals offer their services in a particular establishment. Or are the providers all, without exception, “regular” whores.

Some brothels even distinguish between “regular” prostitutes and transgender prostitutes, with the latter doing their work on their “floor.”